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As a supply teacher, you provide an essential service to the school. It is your job to teach the curriculum, engage with students and provide feedback to teachers to help them on their return to work.


When working as a supply teacher, teach the sessions provided by the school unless otherwise advised. In the absence of set work, lessons should correspond with the age and abilities of the students in accordance with the curriculum.

You must take your photo ID, a copy of your DBS check (formally CRB), a timesheet and, if requested, a prepared lesson. You will be required to show your photo ID and copy of the DBS check upon arrival.

Ten tips for a successful day at school:

  1. Be prepared and positive. 

  2. Plan your journey, using the Transport for London journey planner. Allow plenty of time for delays or getting lost.

  3. Arrive early to your classroom to check the room and prepare materials.

  4. Familiarise yourself with the school’s procedures and daily time table before you begin your class – this includes:

  5. Understand the school’s behaviour management strategies and introduce yourself to colleagues in adjacent rooms, support staff and the Headteacher. They will be able to assist throughout the day if necessary.

  6. Complete daily supply feedback sheets – outline the work covered and provide any additional feedback for the teacher on their return.

  7. Mark all work.

  8. Ensure the classroom is tidy when you leave the room, return all school property and ensure you have all your belongings.

  9. Let the school know you enjoyed the day – they like to hear feedback about the children and the school.  

  10. Have your timesheet signed and send back to us at

Once you are registered with us, make sure you regularly update us with your availability. This will help finding you day-to-day supply and/or long term positions that match your skills and location.

The official school term and holiday dates are listed here, please note that exact dates for school terms can vary.




020 7629 8786


Sarah Macaulay - Operations Manager


Anup Sudra - Consultant & Payroll Administrator


Office hours: 7am – 6pm, Monday to Friday

1st Floor

Holborn Gate

330 High Holborn



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